Re: NT on drive > 2gig?

Paul Sheahan ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 14:03:42 -0400

My goal is to install Windows NT on the primary drive of my secondary IDE
controller (the 2 gig Maxtor drive). I just happen to be running Windows 98
on my 4 gig boot drive and plan to dual boot each OS. I am also NOT going to
use NTFS, as I don't need the security features right now.

Why can't I just install NT on the 2 gig drive on the secondary IDE
controller, and leave my 4 gig boot drive as is (running Win98)? I basically
just need the NT boot menu on my 4 gig drive to popup, and when I select
"Windows NT 4.0 Server", I want it to just go to my 2 gig drive and run NT.
This way I am only dealing with NT on a 2 gig drive, with the boot loader on
my 4 gig drive.

Can this be done?

Thanks everyone!

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From: Richard Lachance <>
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Date: Monday, June 29, 1998 1:53 PM
Subject: RE: NT on drive > 2gig?

>> When I try to install NT 4.0 Server, it pops up and tells me it couldn't
>> find a drive to install on. Is this because my primary drive is 4 gig and
>> the largest boot drive NT can have is 2 gig?
>> How do I get around this, break my 4 gig drive up into 2, 2 gig
>> partitions?
>Do you have any other NT box up & running? If so, put the drive in that
>machine and format it as a 4G NTFS partition. Then put it back in the
>machine and boot from the NT install floppies. When it asks which
>to install on, specify the NTFS partition and you're set.
>The 2G issue is because NT first format the drive in FAT16, and transforms
>it later into NTFS. Preformating the partition in NTFS will go around that
>Vircom, Inc.