RE: Controlling Autologoff time - how?

Philip de Lisle ( )
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 15:53:35 +0100

At 08:25 22/06/98 -0700, Bill Fisher wrote:
>This sounds like a problem we had when we first setup RadiusNT and our
>Max. I seem to remember that the problem was we weren't using the
>'correct' time out on the Max. You have to use ascend-idle-limit=X.

Close but no bananas!! Many thanks for your insight - it pointed me in the
right direction.

This was not a RADIUS problem as all our users use the default profile in
the MAX - it was the session idle setting which the MAX docs says is not
used if Profile Reqd=Yes, but in fact is very much used. Setting this to
1200 now sets the time out to 20 mins. And it works <vbg>



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