Recommendations Requested...

Network Administrator ( )
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 10:29:20 -0400

Greetings from South Carolina...

We are looking at putting a comprehensive billing package online to help
streamline a number of issues. While we have specific needs that would need
to be addressed, we're hoping to find something "off the shelf" that can
handle things in the beginning. (Dale, feel free to plug Emerald...I
promise not to have you booted off the list for blatant advertising!)

Our problem is that we've gone through two "comprehensive" packages so far.
The first one was just a piece of garbage that has probably no chance of
ever working. The second one looked promising, but when it came time to do
the customizations, all of a sudden, the support and the responsiveness of
the company vanished.

So, I need some recommendations...hopefully of software that has been
operating in an ISP environment of better than 2,000 dial-in subscribers.

What we need for the basics is:

1. Accounting features for billing purposes.
2. Comprehensive account set up, including multiple email addresses,
web/ftp accounts, etc.
3. Some sort of 'help desk' type of solution to track trouble reports
4. Interaction with ICVerify for credit card transactions

Advanced features desired are:

1. Web interface for remote sign-up.
2. Web interface for account management.
3. Independent account types which would allow restrictions by time or by
features, etc.

I'm sure we can come up with a few (thousand) more things we'd like it to
do, but for now, we'd be happy with something that can handle the basics
thouroughly and without a whole lot of time consuming customization.

All input will be appreciated!

Ric Castagna
Ric Castagna t. 843 797 5000
Network Administrator f. 843 764 0962
Viperlink Internet Services
8510-C Rivers Ave, Charleston, SC USA