Re: Does anyone use Framed-MTU & Framed-Compression?

Greg Stark ( )
04 Jun 1998 14:01:18 -0400

"Conrad, Jeff" <> writes:

> Does anyone use Framed-MTU & Framed-Compression in the 'users' file for
> just standard PPP dial-in clients? I can't imagine why anyone would
> have Framed-MTU & Framed-Compression different for individual PPP
> clients (??) If the MTU and Compression is the same for all clients,
> why have those attributes in the file at all?
> Also, what if you do have Framed-Compression=1 (Van Jacobsen TCP/IP
> header compression) in the Radius 'users' file and a new NAS you just
> installed does NOT support Framed-Compression for PPP users?
> Does the NAS get an Access-Accept from Radius with Framed-Compression=1
> and just ignore it?
> Any and all replies are appreciated. Thanks.

Well, some implementations of Van Jacobsen header compression were
notoriously buggy and caused dropped connections and TCP/IP stalls.
Conceivably a service might compile a list of users using particular
systems and disable it just for those people using buggy

I don't know of anyone doing this, and the buggy implementation I
remember was in the Annex servers, so it's unlikely you would have
customers using it, but it's conceivable.