Does anyone use Framed-MTU & Framed-Compression?

Conrad, Jeff ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:42:32 -0400

Does anyone use Framed-MTU & Framed-Compression in the 'users' file for
just standard PPP dial-in clients? I can't imagine why anyone would
have Framed-MTU & Framed-Compression different for individual PPP
clients (??) If the MTU and Compression is the same for all clients,
why have those attributes in the file at all?

Also, what if you do have Framed-Compression=1 (Van Jacobsen TCP/IP
header compression) in the Radius 'users' file and a new NAS you just
installed does NOT support Framed-Compression for PPP users?
Does the NAS get an Access-Accept from Radius with Framed-Compression=1
and just ignore it?

Any and all replies are appreciated. Thanks.