RE: PERL on IIS - How??

Darryl Harvey ( )
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 15:12:19 +1000

Thanks all for your help.

I finally got it working. I had to manually add the association in the
registry as well as add the bit I failed to add. Two "%s"'s after the

IE: .pl = C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe %s %s

This fixed the problem and it all started to execute.

Thanks, My clients are happy now.


At 02:55 PM 6/3/98 , David Scott wrote:
>I had to manually go into the registry and create a mime-type for .pl files
>in the IIS settings, and also configure it as an executable under the web
>service. I'm out of town right now, or I'd give you the exact keys. The
>executable key is right along side ASP extentions.
>David Scott
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>> Subject: PERL on IIS - How??
>> What do I need to do to get perl scripts running under IIS ?
>> I have Perl installed, I have associated .pl and .cgi extensions with the
>> Perl executable (C:\Perl\bin\perl.exe) but when run from a browser, the
>> script result is never returned. The scripts are very simple at
>> this stage
>> and just output a simple HTML header. If I try to load the page from a
>> browser, the perl executable is seen to start (in task manager)
>> but it just
>> hangs there.
>> If i run the script from the command prompt, it executes fine and
>> terminates correctly.
>> What am I missing ??
>> Help please.