Re: Cold Fusion and IIS 4.0

Adrian Teasdale ( )
Tue, 2 Jun 98 18:38:18 +0100


There was some discussion a while ago about AOL blocking CF mail because
some spammers had been using CF to send out mailings. Just a thought.
Also, is the mailserver on your machine, or are you using SMTP at another
server for sending the form? IF the FROM field is not configured
correctly, some mail server won't send.


>This is definitively not my day, I hope someone could help me on this one,
>here is the combination of problems I'm having:
>1) User was receiving information via his online form without any problems
>until yesterday at 6:00 when all of a sudden he stopped receiving messages.
>I've tested it myself and it's true CF display the message indicating the
>form was submitted successfully. But the user gets nothing. I've changed
>the e-mail addresses in the TO field, no success, who knows where is the
>form going?
>2) Anybody clicking on the enroll button in the following link
> can realize what's going on. The form
>is there but for some reason just don't want to work, again it was working
>as of 2 days ago. I've deleted it, copied it over, recreate it, triple
>checked the code..... still same error. Any suggestions
>3) After upgrading to IIS 4.0 now I can't bring up the Cold Fusion
>Administrator page, when I try to open it IE looks for the address
> and displays the error "could not connect
>with server" how do I access the admin form now? What on earth has
>I hope any one out there feels compassionate today as to be able to give
>some help I've done all kinds of things and nothing has worked.
>Thanks in advance.