NT standalone to NT PDC

Adam Dillaplain ( (no email) )
Thu, 28 May 1998 22:05:43 PDT

Sorry about the hotmail...on the road and can't use
my SMTP server...
I have the following hardware for sale. Over the next
few months, we will be selling about 800 ports worth.
Email me the quanity you want and what your willing to
give for it:

Sportster 33.6 Modems (Some never opened)
Courier ISDN Modems
Rackmount Modem Racks
Livingston PM2e 30's
Livingston PM2e/r 20's w/ 5 port BRI
Cisco 4700-M with ATM DS-3 Module
Cisco 2501
23" and 19" Relay Racks
Enclosed Racks
Billions of DB25m to DB25m cables
Cisco Cables

All of this equipment is in good working order, we are just upgrading
to a Cisco Accesspath (nice piece of equipment, 600 ports in one box)
with a 7500 series router, so we have no use for it right now. Kinda
me sad to see it go.



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