Re: Outsourcing Tech Support & Caching

Jeff Woods ( )
Wed, 27 May 1998 08:24:06 -0400

At 04:28 PM 5/26/98 -0700, you wrote:
>1) Anyone know of good and affordable outsourcing service for tech support?

Not from the same COMPANY.

Affordable: $1 per head; horrible hold times, and we were
unceremoniously DUMPED by them when they got busted for running the
infamous unlimited flat rate 800 scam. GTMI in Ann Arbor, MI. They
NEVER returned my calls.

GOOD: Shadow Solutions. Have met several times with the owner, Frank
Fitzgerald. Honest, likeable fellow who promises good support, and
delivers on it. We use 'em. They pay their techs well enough to have
good retention and experience levels, and you pay for that quality.
Around $3/head depending on your customer count. You can also pay on a per
INCIDENT basis, with a per head CAP (a free lunch!). 2 minute hold times,
70% first call resolution, good followup and followthrough. $3/head is
stepp, but YOU couldn't provide support likes that 24x7 on $3/head, so you
do come out ahead. I highly recommend them.