RE: Hip-Hip Netscape Messaging.

John Davies ( (no email) )
Fri, 15 May 1998 17:20:32 -0700

Hi Endre,

>A guiness record for E-mailbox size messages?
> I want to tell you just what I think about Netscape E-mail.
> IT IS GREAT!!! I am either very sloppy or I am an extreemely good
>archiver (one of those two), my profile grew to 210MBs over the course
>of this year. I have approximately 13,000 (yep 13 thousand) messages in
>my E-mail boxes all together (only 10 in my Inbox - the rest is
>organized), and this thing runs without any errors and it didn't even
>get much slower.
> It is the best (and by far the simplest) messaging application I've
>seen so far.
>Netscape reminds me of the Norton (and Symantec) tools of the early 90s,
>which were decent in size, small, fast and ROBUST.

Are you talking about the server or the client?

If you are talking about your IMAP mailbox on your server, then I can (nearly)
match this! I just checked and my MailSite mailbox has 10,000 messages taking
140mb of disk space. Works great using Outlook 98 and Outlook Express on the
client side. Fast and reliable.