Hip-Hip Netscape Messaging.

Endre Palfi ( cyborg@earthlink.net )
Fri, 15 May 1998 00:33:25 -0700

A guiness record for E-mailbox size messages?

I want to tell you just what I think about Netscape E-mail.
IT IS GREAT!!! I am either very sloppy or I am an extreemely good
archiver (one of those two), my profile grew to 210MBs over the course
of this year. I have approximately 13,000 (yep 13 thousand) messages in
my E-mail boxes all together (only 10 in my Inbox - the rest is
organized), and this thing runs without any errors and it didn't even
get much slower.
It is the best (and by far the simplest) messaging application I've
seen so far.

Netscape reminds me of the Norton (and Symantec) tools of the early 90s,
which were decent in size, small, fast and ROBUST.