Excite for Web Servers

Michael ( "Michael )
Wed, 13 May 1998 18:13:27 +0100

Does anybody have a copy of the installation file for 'Excite for Web
Servers' (EWS) 1.1 for NT.

I went to excite's site ( http://corp.excite.com/ews.html ) on Jan 16 for
it, only to find it had been removed on Jan 14 for a security fix (For which
a patch was posted). It said that the NT version would be reposted 'soon'.
Well it's been 4 months and 'soon' has long gone.

I cannot imagine why it would take 4 months (and counting) to reissue it
with the patch installed. Perhaps they have forgotten! :-)

Emailing or talking to them has no effect. The standard response is... 'look
on our web site, it will be there soon'.

So, if anybody has a copy, please send it to me (pretty please)

Michael (Not very excited web server)
Timewarp Internet