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Go to the PRI card with TCM and issue an in service command to it. You
didn't mention what type of modems you have. If they are analog/ditial
go to the LIne Interface options and make sure they are set to use the
PRI and not NIC.

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n> USR charges a nice sum of $200 for one hour of tech support. I think
n>that is ridiculous, but I can't seem to be able to get by without it.
n> I have a USR chassy which is configured to be used with a PRI. We
n>have another that was not configured yet. We sold that one and I need
n>to provide some installation advice to the new owner. I have it
n>configured for LAN access and telnet and the modems seem to responde
n>just fine for configuration commands(and they look pretty much
n>configured), except that when we dial into the numbers on the PRI. We
n>get a busy tone. I can't find a reason why the modems would signal
n>busy unless either the PRI is provisioned wrong from the telco or the
n>setting on the PRI card are bad. I can't seem to be able to access the
n>PRI card from a WINNT hyperterminal console connection.
n> Are there some known glitches with the configuration of a TC in
n>general or could it be the phone company. I'm not sure what and where
n>to look for and I'm a bit thight on time to play with it so I am
n>considering paying for tech support.
n> In case somebody knows something, could you let me know what is the


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