The Mbone

Victor A. ( (no email) )
Mon, 04 May 1998 07:40:26 -0400

Good Day Everybody,

We've had a few requests these last few days from customers wanting a
connection to the Mbone. This is the first time I hear from the Mbone
therefore I have no idea what they are requesting. I did find a web site
that deals with IP-Multicasting and the Mbone and what I found there says
something like ....."Make sure that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or
your local system/network adminstrator can supply a multicast feed OR
multicast packet forwarding OR an MBone Tunneling capability"......

The ?'s are:

-Is anyone offering this type of service?
-If you are what exactly one has to do at the NOC?
-How much to charge for that kind of service?

Best wishes,