Re: metainfo and dns question

Steve Spesard ( )
Fri, 01 May 1998 13:09:56 -0600

We ran into this too under metainfo 2.X. We upgraded to the lastest
builds with not much better results. The problem seem to arise when we
hit a certain level of domains. We solved the problem two ways. First
we converted our primary servers to Linux running bind 8 and then later
upgraded our secondaries to metainfo 3.x (which is bind 8). Now all are
happy. The upgrade from 2.x to 3.x was $149.00. It was well worth it.

Hope this helps

Steve Spesard

Preston Korn wrote:

> I am having a problem with the metainfo dns server getting shut down
> about
> every 20 minutes or so. Has anyone experienced this? Any idea what's
> causing this?
> Preston
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