RE: SOT - Trust Relationships between 3.51 & 4.0

Ric Castagna ( )
Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:42:05 -0400

>1. did you go through the standard ping routine (assuming you are using
>TCP/IP?)? can you use RPCping (available with exchange server Cd or
>probably somewhere on MS' site) to establish NETBIOS name resolution?
Yes, I can ping the box. Haven't tried the RPCping, mainly because we're
not using netbios. We are strictly a TCP/IP house using DNS (and not the M$
DNS Manager either, but that's another story) for our name serving. No
WINS, either.

>2. are you running WINS, DNS or both? if you are use the command line
>tool nbtstat to fully examine the NETBIOS caching on both machines for
Well, since there's no WINS nbtstat is not quite as effective.

>3. do you have an outdated hosts or lmhosts file on one of the machines?
Would this matter? Since I'm not using netbios or ipx/spx I didn't think
the lmhosts file was relevant.

>4. same network protocols on both machines? same binding order?
Yep...both TCP/IP only.

>5. routing issues?
Doubtful. They are on different subnets, but the Cisco is handling it just
fine. Like I said, I can ping each machine from the other, and I can ping
out on both machines.

>6. firewall issues?
Possible, but firewall is basically a hub at this point. It's a Livingston
IRX which allows three specific protocols, IP, ICMP and UDP, and all three
protocols are wide open. All are set to permit from any domain. I'll choke
it down once I get it running, but figured I take the firewall out of the
mix for the time being.

I'm hoping an upgrade to NT4.0 on the PDC will fix the problem. I'm going
to try to do that tonight. But anybody else's contribution to this dilema
would be greatly appreciated!