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If by overhead you mean cost, is sure can be. If you follow to the
letter Microsoft's licensing model, you need to have a client license
for each user or followup the concurrency model, either of which can
start to climb quickly when you have to add users into SAM.

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N>How well with this configuration scale? I have problems when running
N>thousands of virtual domains. I would like to offer FP extensions, but
N>overhead seems very high.


N>At 04:53 PM 4/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
N>>I set up every user with a web page and frontpage. Since I have to
N>set up >the IIS for web it is very easy to do the same for FTP all
N>>from the same tool. A new customer = new group and new user in user
N>manager. I have no >problem using the NT sam. That's why I asked the
N>original question, to see >if I was missing something.
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N>>> >How do you provide web page authentication with RAIDUS? I wasn't
N>>> aware you
N>>> >could do this. That would make for a different situation.... Do
N>>> you provide
N>>> >frontpage extensions on your web pages? Does that allow for RADIUS
N>>> >authentication as well?

N>>> No, that I cannot do (wish I could). I do have to retain separate
N>>> SAM entries for FP extensions, but very few of my customers use it
N>>> -- most use FTP to update pages, and SERV-U can and does
N>authenticate out of RADIUS. >
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