RE: FTP Service on IIS 4.0

rkm ( )
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 21:13:51 -0400

I think the scalability of this implementation experiences the same
limitations as any IIS implementation, and to an extent NT itself. The whole
domain issue exists, as well as the size of the registry itself becoming a
problem at some point. I have no reason to believe that the extensions
themselves are limited, but the directories they create could cause quota
problems I suppose. I am fortunate in that our customers number in the
hundreds not thousands, but I live with as much "virgin" M$ code as I can
stand so that upgrades (such as the inevitible NT 5.0, IIS 5.0 and FP2000
etc...) don't hurt so much. There are a lot of quality solutions out
there... but for us the M$ name carries a LOT of weight. I would love to
hear from one of the "Big Boys" as to how they handle extreme volume

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> How well with this configuration scale? I have problems when running
> thousands of virtual domains. I would like to offer FP extensions, but
> overhead seems very high.
> Jerry.
> At 04:53 PM 4/29/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >I set up every user with a web page and frontpage. Since I have to set up
> >the IIS for web it is very easy to do the same for FTP all from the same
> >tool. A new customer = new group and new user in user manager. I have no
> >problem using the NT sam. That's why I asked the original
> question, to see
> >if I was missing something.
> >
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> >> >How do you provide web page authentication with RAIDUS? I wasn't
> >> aware you
> >> >could do this. That would make for a different situation.... Do
> >> you provide
> >> >frontpage extensions on your web pages? Does that allow for RADIUS
> >> >authentication as well?
> >>
> >> No, that I cannot do (wish I could). I do have to retain separate SAM
> >> entries for FP extensions, but very few of my customers use it
> -- most use
> >> FTP to update pages, and SERV-U can and does authenticate out
> of RADIUS.