Re: Delayed data transmissions between USR 28.8 and USR 33.6 ???

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 03:58:49 -0400

This seems to be a DNS problem on your client's side. Since she probably has
2 DNS information (for your dialup and the other ISP's dialup) Windows 95 does
not know how to properly determine which DNS to use. To fix this problem,
make sure your client's network settings (In control panel) under TCP/IP > DNS
Configuration that the DNS is disabled. If you have to put DNS information,
goto your dialup connection properties > server types > tcp/ip settings and
assign your DNS IP addresses there. Also you could try to have her install a
simple patch for Multi DNS problems. You can find this at

Hopes this helps.

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Date: April 23, 1998 11:10 PM
Subject: Delayed data transmissions between USR 28.8 and USR 33.6 ???

>I have a prospective customer who has a USR Sportster 28.8 modem who just
>called up our USR Sportster 33.6 modem.
>All her settings are fine and she could surf the web. However, web contents
>are sent to her browser in a delayed fashion - around 10 seconds after she
>requests it.
>She has another ISP account and she doesn't have the same problem.
>Could it be a telco problem ?
>Or is it just a modem settings problem ?
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