Re: Re-selling T1's

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Thu, 23 Apr 1998 15:44:47 -0400

I would strongly recommend the use of MRTG so that you can monitor your
connection's throughput. This way you can determine if you need the high
bandwidth and other stuff.

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From: Victor A. <>
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Date: April 23, 1998 2:41 PM
Subject: Re-selling T1's

>Hi Everybody,
>I have a quick question for you all since I don't seem to understand
>completely how to go about it, I've looked different ISP sites and they all
>seem to display similar information which makes my confusion even greater.
>This is the scenario:
>We currently have 3 customers requesting a T1 connection to the Internet.
>I've seen in the different sites I've visited that IPS offer T1 connections
>for relatively low prices (compared to the prices one can get from MCI,
>Sprint, etc.) but they themselves have only T1 connection or in some cases
>2 T1's, my confusion arises from the fact that the prices given in the web
>sites are relatively cheap compared to those given by the Big companies
>what I don't get is how can I offer a T1 connection to a single customer
>for let's say $1,200.00/month, what if he uses the full T1, how can I
>re-sell my own T1 3 times!! to 3 different customers..? This question is
>really giving me a hard time. Now Let me just ask you this, does the ISP
>limits somehow the bandwith that is reselling to it's customers even when
>they sell them a full T1?
>Can I resell 'several' T1's off my 'single' T1 and not running the risk of
>running out of Bandwith? If I charge a customer $1200 for it and he makes
>use of the whole T1 and I am paying twice as much for it, wouldn't that
>make me go down the drain in no time?
>I'm sorry if this sound stupid but I really don't know the answer and how
>to go about this situation..... maybe you all could help me clear my blurry
>and confused mind
>Best Regards,
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