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Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 21:27:52 -0400

In my experience with Windows 95, the Dial Up networking portion can sometimes
goto the "Shits" and the message below will always pop up... the SOLUTION to
fix this is the following:

1: Goto Control Panel > Network
2: REMOVE ALL Network adapters there.. This will remove all protocols as well.
3: Click Ok and it will ask you do you want to reboot now... Click yes
4: After rebooting, MAKE SURE your Customer has his Windows 95 CD Handy. HE
If they still have IE 3.x and lower
goto Start > Programs > Accessories > Internet Tools > "Get on the
Internet" or "Internet Connection Wizard" and Follow the procedures there to
set up your Internet connection.

If they have IE 4.x and greater
Goto Start > Programs > Internet Explorer (Folder) > "Connection
Wizard" and Follow the procedures to set up his connection.

To be quite HONEST, NOBODY SHOULD EVER NEED TO GOTO the Control Panel to
install the networking components there for the Internet. IT IS NOT NEEDED.
The Setup Wizard will Properly configure your system for Internet access. The
ONLY time you need to goto the Network properties in Control Panel is ONLY to
remove your networking components or setting up a LAN Card. For Dial-Up
Networking, ONLY go through the Wizard.

I set up customers in under 1 minute via the Wizard compared to the 20-120
Minutes via the Control Panel method. Microsoft has a great feature here but
everyone seems to completely ignore it.

I KNOW this should fix your client and get him back up and running... it does
for 99.9% of our customers (0.1% are for the ones who do not have the Windows

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From: Danny Sinang <>
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Date: April 22, 1998 12:00 PM
Subject: DUN: Could not negotiate compatible set of network protocols

>A potential customer of mine has problems connecting to us from his USR 56K
>modem to our USR 33.6 Sportster modems.
>Windows 95 tells him
>"Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network
> protocols you specified in the Server Type settings. Check your
> network configuration in the Control Panel then try the connection
>I checked his settings and they are all fine. He's got TCP/IP and it's bound
>to the Dialup Adapter.
>He also picked the right Server Type in DUN.
>We also tried creating a new connectoid and it still won't work.
>Is this a problem with the 56K modem ? What else could be wrong ? How is
>this solved ?
>Danny Sinang
>President - Uplink Technologies, Inc.
>( Provider of "Clean" Internet Access )
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