Re: Questions about sub-netting multiple "C's"

John David M. Miller ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Apr 1998 11:43:48 -0400

What we ended up doing was breaking our second Class C into
4 subnets and using addresses on our original Class C as the
addresses for the Max's themselves. (1 address per box)

This seemed to be the easiest until we can get the dynamic
addressing setup.

The modems and the PM itself do not have to be on the same Class C.
You will need to register the subnets from your new class c with your
outgoing router.

John David M. Miller

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Date: Monday, April 20, 1998 10:55 PM
Subject: Questions about sub-netting multiple "C's"

>HI & Thanks in Advance
>I have 2 set's of C's
> (just got these this week)
>I ran out of numbers on the 207 network and want to include
> to the 207 set for dial-up ports.
>Do I need an Ethernet router to so this?
>NT or Hardware like Cisco?
>Will my Portmaster's route these ip's to the 207 network?
>What would the routes look like?
>Am I in more trouble than it's worth?
>The alternative would be to re-register my name servers on the 209 network,
>and move everything to that network {YUCK}.
>All help on this subject would make me eternally gratefull.
>JOhn :}
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