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James Tucker ( )
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 13:15:27 -0500

I've seen this before. It's appears to be a problem with the include bot.
I would confirm that the posts are being added to the toc.htm page in the
_disc# directory. If they are posting there, then the problem is with the
include. I have not gathered enough data to determine the exact cause. I
do know that the page included was 10k in size. Not large by typical
standards, but maybe too large for the include bot to recognize that the
file has changed.

What version of the FrontPage Extensions are you running? I know version
1330 (latest) corrected some known bugs with the extensions. A couple
dealing with the discussion web and some Microsoft will not say. You may
want to download and install them.

My .02

James A. Tucker
Tucker and Tucker Enterprises
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Subject: Re: FP and disc forum

> From: Na'eem Jeenah <>
> Having problems with a client's site. Running FP 98 with extensions.
> Site has a discussion forum and guest book (using FP). Suddenly they
> both refuse to work. User would post and gets a message saying the
> post's accepted. Everthing seems fine, but... the post doesn't
> appear.

Check on the NTFS (and share, if applicable) permissions for the directory
that's supposed to contain the files with the posts. Maybe that directory
currently doesn't allow IUSR_machinename or SYSTEM to write to it...

Josh Hillman

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