RE: FP and disc forum

Na'eem Jeenah ( (no email) )
Fri, 26 Jun 1998 12:09:29 +0200

Thanx for you responses, but...
> I've seen this before. It's appears to be a problem with the include bot. 
> I would confirm that the posts are being added to the toc.htm page in the 
> _disc# directory. If they are posting there, then the problem is with the 
The posts are getting added to the tocproto.htm file in the _disc# dir but not to the
toc.htm file! Posts were getting added to the toc.htm file I see, but suddenly that
stopped. In fact, the toc.htm file doesn't even show up in the FP Explorer as being
part of the web (the tocproto.htm does show up).

> What version of the FrontPage Extensions are you running? I know version 
> 1330 (latest) corrected some known bugs with the extensions. A couple 
> dealing with the discussion web and some Microsoft will not say. You may 
> want to download and install them.
I'm using 1706. Just checked on the MS site. This seems to be the latest.

I also checked the permissions in Explorer for the relevant dirs and files. Everything
there seems fine. Should I perhaps import the toc.htm file into the web? Will that


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