RE: DALE: NAS of Choice for Emerald?

Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:03:38 -0700

Plan and Simple...........
Statistics show that more modems sold are K56Flex, and that the faster
connection speeds are done with Lucent compatible chipsets.
It took me 10 mins to setup my PM3 and it has been running fine ever since.

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Subject: RE: DALE: NAS of Choice for Emerald?

>At 11:56 AM 8/27/98 -0600, you wrote:
>>We are currently looking at the Total Control System by USR because it
>>offers full analog and digital and has a nice promo for us. Is there any
>>known issues with the total control system from USR/3COM that would cause
>>problem with Emerald or Radius?
>I know this:
>Folks I know who use Total Control racks have to tweak and muck with
>configuration quite frequently. I know TC admins who are into their racks
>literally on a daily basis.
I disagree on this because I rarely go and touch my Rack mounts...
We have not touched the racks other than to install new code into it to
support V.90 and additional radius Features.

>I have a Lucent/Livingston PM-3 that has gone untouched for six months.
>Everyone I know who uses PM-3 NAS's is also likewise mostly hands-off.
>For the same money as a TC, probably less, you can get the Lucent box,
>which many think is far superior to the TC chassis.
If your talking about the TC with the Netserver Card in it, yes there is a
problem with small packet information and that is NOT USR's Fault. The
is Livingston (USR Licensed their code for the Netserver Cards) and
is not giving USR ANY RIGHT to fix their code. Livingston on the other hand
fixed their code and will not release it to USR. USR did something
different and developed the HyperARC Card which is superior to other
configurations. Well If you are gonna get a USR, MAKE SURE you ask your
rep to replace the Netserver Card for the HyperARC Card and then you will be
set for life.

BTW: USR Has an Upgrade program where they will refund the FULL amount of
Netserver card when you purchase a HyperARC Card.