RE: Miscalculations

Scott Wilkerson ( (no email) )
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 20:02:53 -0500


One thing we noticed is that if the person is currently online those #'s do
not show up in the Time on function within Emerald

Scott Wilkerson
Vice President
Twin Cities Internet, Inc.

>Ok, I've been playing with queries with the database for determining the
>time spent online by a given user. The calculation I am using is below :
> sum(Calls.AcctSessionTime) / 3600 AS Hours,
> (sum(Calls.AcctSessionTime) / 60) - ((sum(Calls.AcctSessionTime) / 3600) *
>60) AS Mins,
>I don't see anything apparently wrong with that assuming the
>value is in fact stored as the number of seconds online. But, in Emerald,
>the calculation is different by as high as 14 hours in certain scenarios.
>(Seems to increase exponentially in comparison to the number of hours spent
>In my testing scenario, the following numbers apply: (These are actual
>values from the database)
> Calls.AcctSessionTime = 105433
>Following through the calculations: (SQL Auto rounds to 0 decimal places)
> 105433/3600 = 29
> Total Hours
> (105433/60) - [(105433/3600) * 60]
> (SQL Rounds) - [(SQL Rounds)*60]
> 1757 - 29*60 = 17
>So we end off with 29 hours and 17 minutes. As best as I can see, this
>calculation is fairly accurate aside from the rounding issues of the SQL
>However, if I head into Emerald and use the Time On function for the same
>service, it lists as 27 hours and 8 minutes. There are no restrictions
>anywhere on which calls to include or disclude in the SQL statement, and
>Emerald restrictions are set to the future sometime and before the start of
>the earth! (Well, not exactly but you get the idea, everything is
>Is there a miscalculation somewhere on my end? Does Emerald do something
>differently? Or is there something that's just plain wrong??
>2 hours and 9 minutes is quite a bit of time difference between the two
>calculations. Can anyone verify this? Or tell me where I've gone wrong??
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