Re: Problems with Emerald

Alan D. Criado ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 11:11:54 -0400

Ok, I think I've found the source to my problems, but I am uncertain as to
how to correct it.

It appears that my TRANSACTION LOG is full.

1. I see the option of truncating it within SQL Enterprise Manager but I
don't know if truncating the log will have an affect on our billing.

2. I believe another option is to expand the log size, but I don't know how
this is done and don't want to make a mistake that can damage the database.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


At 10:16 AM 8/10/98 -0400, Alan D. Criado wrote:
>Hello Dale and anyone else that may be able to help.
>I'm using Emerald 2.2.38.
>Several things are going wrong with my Emerald:
>1. When I go the ONLINE section, it shows users being online that are NOT
>currently online.
> In addition, it shows them as being online for over 2,000 minutes.
>2. When I try to do a test login via the RADLOGIN [username] [password],
>instead of getting
> a GOOD result, I get T/O: 1 result, even though the account is good.
>3. I am unable to make any changes to any MBRs.
>4. Emerald is running very sluggish.
>I will appreciate any help I can get, the sooner the better (grin).
>Thank you.
>Alan D. Criado