Emerald and taxes

Annabel Mwansa ( amwansa@zamnet.zm )
Wed, 05 Aug 1998 09:25:39 +0200

Would anyone have an idea as to how I can update the tax columns
immediately a row is saved to the invoices and invoiceitems table? I have
tried using an insert trigger and it gives "SQL Error Adding main Invoice".

Using an update trigger also proved fruitless as emerald 2.2.38 does not
allow one to make changes to the invoice details even though the 'edit'
option is available. I would like the trigger to pick the tax percentage
specified in the AccountTypes table.

I have very little experience with SQL Server and need to have this working
within the course of the week. Could someone pls help?

Annabel M.

At 18:26 22/07/98 +0200, Daniel Mpolokoso wrote:
>Having gone over the past discussions on this list, I realise there is a
>known problem with the way Emerald 2.2 handles taxes. The reports generated
>indicate $0.00 in the tax column where there should be an appropriate tax
>amount. Further investigations reveal that the tax column in the invoice
>database tables is not updated correctly.
>Here in Zambia, we have a 17.5% value added tax (VAT) that is applied to all
>Internet charges unless the customer is VAT exempted. I would be really
>grateful if those of you who have hit this problem can offer possible
>solutions to the problem - I really can't wait any longer for Emerald
>version 2.5. We are currently using the 2.2.38 client and 2.2.31 admin.
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