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Thank you for the response. The company I am working for wanted to save the
laser printer by having the masthead pre-printed on the form. When you say
'run the invoices in separate batches' what exactly do you mean? Although
we have separate billing groups set up there isn't an option for running a
specific group.

Thank you again for responding.

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Ed and Kathy Tate wrote:

> I am running Emerald 2.1.11. I have a need to bill some of my customers
> under one company name and the rest under another company name. So, for
> customers expiring August 31, I need to be able to run two separate
> so that I can switch the invoice letterhead in between the two groups.
> Is it possible to bill by group? Or does anyone have another suggestion?

Why use seperate letterhead at all? We imported the top of our letterhead
Crystal Reports and simply print the letterhead on every invoice. You should
able to do the same, and run the invoices in seperate batches. Saves
remembering to switch the printer back to plain paper, too. (my biggest

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