Call Consolidation - HELP ME !!!

Andrew Tadros ( (no email) )
Tue, 21 Jul 1998 03:28:46 -0400

I have over 200 megs of data just for the Calls triger, but I now need to
disregard data that is more then 3 months old. Can someone please tell me
how. I have looked in the documentation and haven't found any info on this
, other then it takes for ever to do.

I need to know how to run this and where to run this. What script do I
call, or how can I do this within emerald . I am running emerald 2.11.1,
can anyone please help me in this matter.

Another issue that seems to still be present is connections to the SQL
database. After exteneding the ammount of connections to the database from
15 to 60 , I don't get the errors quite as often as I use to, but I still
get the error's just now every 2 weeks or so instead of every 3 days or so.
The error I am receiving is either SQL ERROR, or Invalid Password, and it
is assured the password is entered correctly, after stopping the SQL server
and restarting it, I am fine for another 2 weeks or so.

Another question we have is entering Credit card info into the database,
it only seems to work from one computer in our office. Is there are reason
why no other machine can enter in credit card info. We get a SQL ERROR,
something to the affect cannot connect to the database.

Please can anyone help me.

Andrew Tadros