FW: Multiple Service Billings

Dan Sessions ( dsessions@amtelgrp.com )
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:44:49 -0600

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From: Alan D. Criado [SMTP:ACriado@elink.net]
Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 1998 8:33 AM
To: emerald@iea-software.com
Subject: Multiple Service Billings

Hello Dale, I'm using Emerald 2.2.38.
I've got a hospital MBR account with 16 dialup PPP services. All the =
services are yearly.
Some of the services were started in November of 97 and are not due to =
be billed until November of this year. Others were started before or =
after this date, for example.
1. Service #1 expires 11/1/98
2. Service #2 expires 11/1/98
3. Service #3 expires 11/1/98
4. Service #4 expires 08/1/98
5. Service #5 expires 08/1/98
6. Service #6 expires 09/1/98
7. Service #7 expires 09/1/98
and so on
Now since they are all under the same MBR, it seems they all must be set =
to the same billing date.
What I would like to do is when the billing run for August is done, that =
Emerald will pickup those services that will expire in August (and =
August only) and create an invoice to the address listed in the MBR. =
And when the billing run for September is done, that it will pickup =
those that would expire in September and do likewise and so on and so =
I guess what I'm asking for is Billing Dates per serivces rather than =
just per MBR.
The only way I can see to achieve this object now is to create multiple =
MBRs, one for each month they have services, and then include the yearly =
services that would expire in those in months.
If what I would like to do is not possible currently in Emerald, then =
please consider this a request to include this as a feature for the next =
Your thoughts please.
Thank you.
Alan D. Criado