Radius login info gone ?

Greg H ( greg@golsyd.net.au )
Sun, 12 Jul 1998 02:26:40 +1000

I have always run radius in a dos window with -x15,mainly so i can see
whats going on during a login ,(usually incorrect passwords:)).

After a fresh Install of radiusnt 2.5 and Emerald.

My problem is that now,when i start "radius -x15" I it doesnt show any
info when a user dials in.Im thinking that perhaps I should be running
it as a service and get the info i want ,such as errors encountered
during a dial in etc.Where would i look for that info ?

Also im looking for a good ,easy reliable way to limit an user to one
dial in at a time.Any suggestions ?Even something will limit ALL users
to one at a time will do :) Is it as simple as adding something to the
radius dictionary and one line is the user file ? I think there is
login limit options in emerald but they do not work for me.Im assuming
that they will work with the appropriate additions to radius dictionary
and user file.Am i on the right track here ?

Thanks Peoples