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> At 09:15 AM 6/19/1998 -0500, you wrote:
> >I have had VERY good luck with my PM3's.
> I love my PM3's even with the beta v.90 code "GREAT" support for USR v.90
> and NO support for Rockwell v.90 (imagine that...from a kFlux
> company). My
> old PM2's & Sportsters, were even more reliable.
> >Livingston, unlike Ascend, doesn't release code until it is relatively
> Rock solid.

[begin rebuttal]

Horse Pucky.

> This is weird, Ascend called me today to tell me that their v.90
> code is no
> longer beta. I told them to late, and stop calling. We just
> spent $50K on
> new Livingston/Lucent equipment.

Ascend thoroughly tests it's code before release. they allow beta releases
with strict instructions not to use it on a production machine. I have
never had problems with getting help from ascend. If anything, I have had
more problems with USR and finding upgrades for their modems (if an upgrade

> The USR eWhine list has more complaints then all the other lists together.
> And the $2K per year for service contracts are a joke.

What can you do about a company that continually looses every battle to
smaller companies who care more about the industry.

> All the other stuff on the market is either unsupported junk or WAY to
> expensive. Or has more bells & wistles than we will ever need,
> Unless GTE-North starts spending some of the money We pay them. Can't do
> BRI can't do PRI, lucky to be able to do trunkside CT1, untill last month
> we had lineside.

Not my fault you can't deal with so many options. Having the options of an
Ascend is what give me the flexibility I need to change out my gear with
little or no interruptions in service.

[end rebuttal]

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