Re: Emerald from workstation

Dale Reed ( )
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 22:54:38 -0700

Alan D. Criado wrote:
> I'm running Emerald 2.2.38 and Radius NT 2.5 on the NT Server.
> I'm unable to get Emerald to work successfully from a workstation and
> access the server. I don't believe Emerald is listed in the ODBC drivers
> within the Control Panel. SQL Client utilities are installed.

Emerald itself does not use ODBC (only the print engine does). Double
check your SQL Client configuration utility and make sure Named Pipes
if the default protocol and that you do not have any entries listed
in the Advanced section. You should be abled to brwose the shares
on your SQL Server (IOW, you have credentials to talk to the machine).

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