RE: ASP Instant Signup Forms

Ronnie D. Franklin ( )
Wed, 24 Jun 1998 13:12:40 -0500

Instead of sending out a copy to everyone...

How about I just send it to the original requestor.. and when he is finished I/He can provide it to Dale to post on the FTP site...

That way... everyone will get a working copy instead of everyone finishing the project.


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Dito. Please, a copy for me too.

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Sent: Wednesday, June 24, 1998 1:53 PM
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This sure looks like a pattern to me. Yes I would like to see a copy also.
Do you think that this is needed? If everyone wants a copy?

Ed Miller, President

>Could you send me a copy as well. I am just stating in emerald, and would
>like any help you can spare.
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