RE: SQL servers other than Microsoft

Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:19:07 -0700

Dear Geo,
I find it very hard to believe that Linux doesn't do threading very well.
Sounds like a setup problem or a distribution problem (RedHat or Caldera.) I
do plan on benchmarking the two databases in a project I am working on with
a friend. If you would like to know how the tests come out please send me
your E-mail. This will take a few weeks.

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> Has anyone put their SQL database on a Linux box using mySQL. Since it is
>ODBC compliant this shouldn't be to hard. I've also seen a mySQL servers in
>production. It is many, many times faster than Microsoft SQL.

Linux runs good when doing a single query, but doing multiple queries sucks
bigtime compared to MSSQLserver. Linux doesn't do threading real well, it
didn't appear to be mySQL but instead looks like an OS issue.

I was looking into it for a different db application, don't know if emerald
would make much difference or not but I suspect not.