RE: Whole system backup method

Tom Bilan ( )
Sat, 20 Jun 1998 13:47:01 -0400

make sure you're:

1) using the SQL backup program that came with 6.5
2) agent for SQL that works with Arcserve/Backup Exec/whatever that =
back up the SQL databases
3) backing up the database to a file and then doing a file backup

options 1 and 3 are easily done via the SQL 6.5 maintenance wizard.=20

If you're just backing the server up like it's a file and print server
then you're going to have a ton of problems when you need to restore.
it's not impossible to get data back but it's much easier to go into =
enterprise manager and click on the backup file/tape and tell it to
restore than it would any other scenario.


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> Subject: Whole system backup method
> Hi,
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> Every night I backup the server where I have Emerald, Radius, and SQL
> onto a Data Tape.
> I copy all of the hard drive contents onto the tape except the
> directory where MSSQL is located and the Registry.
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> If for some reason everything in my server was erased, could I
> 1) restore all of the files on the tape backup to the server, then=20
> 2) reinstall SQL
> and=A0 then have Emerald, Radius, and SQL work smoothly and properly?
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> If not, how would you suggest backing up the Emerald/Radius/SQL
> system?
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> Thank you,
> Adam Greene
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