Re: Importing bookkeeping data

Boyd Goodin ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Jun 1998 17:34:04 -0400

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From: Daniel Mpolokoso <>
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Date: Wednesday, June 17, 1998 2:53 PM
Subject: Re: Importing bookkeeping data

>Don't you think it would be of benefit to provider a user-friendly
>into Emerald for importation of data? For example, why not have a fixed
>format record definition for MBR which can then be imported directly into
>Emerald? Post.Office, for example, uses templates for account creation and

This I would have to agree with. With 3000+ customers it would be nice
to have an import utility. As just evailuating the software now I would not
want to have to add them all in to accomodate the number of NAS's that we
have. This is one of the things that I will have to take into account when
it comes time to tell the boss to buy it or not.

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