RE: NTMail -Emerald

Greg Keys ( (no email) )
Mon, 15 Jun 1998 10:10:41 -0400

The NT-Mail Dll works great for me.
The accounts get created in emerald.

NTMail attempts to verify any POP3 client against it's own internal
database. If that fail's, it then checks against the NT User database if
you have that option selected. If that fails (or is not used) it then
checks the DLL for external verification.

The only problem that I have noticed with this is that if the SQL server is
shut down and restarted you must do the same to the Mail Services otherwise
they will quit authenticating.
As my workstation has an e-mail accounts that authenticate via each method
listed above, I am quickly aware if there is a failure so I do not forget to
restart the mail services for very long:)

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> Hi there,
> I'm thinking of working with the NTMail-dll.
> My questions to all who have this situation (NTMail + Emerald):
> How safe is this?
> Does ist make life easier? ;)
> Will there be any problems with my current installation? (several domains
> configured)
> I'm currently not sure, how this dll works... Do I need to create
> the users
> in NTMail or Emerald?
> Waldemar Born
> Magenta Computer AG
> Germany