Question about BESS proxy server

OTR Communications, LLC ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 07:54:37

We are a new start ISP and will be offering clients optional access to the
internet through a BESS proxy filter developed by N2H2. I have been told
that it is possible to point these clients to the BESS proxy by selecting
one of the RADIUS attributes under the SERVICES tab of the MBR. I was told
that this particular ATTRIBUTE and associated VALUE will instruct my
Portmaster3 to point this particular client to the gateway for the BESS
proxy. Does anyone know if this will work, and if it will, what is the
ATTRIBUTE to select?

Also, how can I change the First and Last names associated with an MBR?
Once the MBR is initially setup and saved, I have not been able to change
the names. I can change the name on the Master Billing Information card,
but it does not update whatever database the original MBR is stored in.
The name does stayed in the Master Billing Information card, but the Search
button in the Main Emerald menu finds the old record with the original
First and Last names. What kind of database structure are these records
stored in? Where are they located? Can I change the information in SQL?


Murrah Boswell