Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 18:13:43 -0400

> Alan D. Criado wrote:
> > How do I incorporate the .DLLs for NTMail and Servu into Emerald?
> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <daler@iea-software.com>
> See the instructions that accompany each of the DLLs. If you have
> specific questions, please let me know.

I am still using emer_su.dll version and never realized that
there's a at:
There are no docs accompanying it, so I don't know anything about it. How
does it differ from Will I need to configure anything special in
Serv-U (version 2.3b) when using it in conjuction with the Emerald db

The 4 pains with the association of Serv-U with Emerald have been:
1. cannot restrict capacity of directories when using auth from
Emerald db. Under the FTP tab of Emerald Admin 2.1 Client Config,
Size Limit = 5. Shouldn't this be configured on SubAccount basis
also, to override the above setting?
2. MasterAccounts.Limit is ignored during auth, but
MasterAccounts.Extension is used
3. When running as a service, if SQL is shut down (or the server is
rebooted and Serv-U starts before SQL, auth fails until Serv-U
is restarted.
4. cannot view any Serv-U activity when it is running as a service
(though I think that's a limitation in Serv-U, not the .dll)

NT4 SP3, SQL 6.5 SP3, Emerald 2.1.11, Serv-U 2.3b (service)

Thanks for any info/tips,

Josh Hillman