Re: Emerald would not issue a Renewal-Invoice

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 4 Jun 1998 17:29:48 -0400

> From: Dale E. Reed Jr. <>
> The typical reason for this is because you moved the expiration
> date of the MBR back, and not have an overlapping billing cycle.
> You must either void the overlapping invoice, or move the expiration
> date to the enddate of the last invoice for it to bill the customer.
> Use the history tab on the MBR, find the last invoice, and check the
> end date. Then compare that to the expire date. The exipre date
> MUST be latter (or equal to) that end date.

As far as invoices go, isn't this only relevant if the invoice is of type
"Renewal" and not "Invoice"? I just found out today that one of our
customers was never billed for quarterly service from 6/1 - 9/1 and I still
can't get the next invoice to be created ("no new invoices to create!").
In the past, I've run into this and it was always something simple like
what you already described (MasterAccounts.ExpireDate < Invoice.EndDate
AND/OR a previous "Renewal" invoice was not paid or voided) and fixing it
was a piece of cake. This one has got me somewhat stumped. I have a text
file that I placed in one of my web-directories displaying the billing
history for this customer:

If you could take a peek at this and possibly shed some light on the
matter, I'd sure appreciate it.

Creating "Renewal" invoices for other customers is not a problem. It
appears to be specific to this one billing record.

NT4 SP3, MSSQL 6.5 SP3, Emerald 2.1.11


Josh Hillman

> Richard Sensale wrote:
> > Mine is doing the same thing now. I tried setting the batch for like
> > and still nothing even though we have multiple unpaid invoices. Im
> > 2.11.1
> > >emerald just won't issue a renewal for customer that expired on May
17, it
> > did not issue in the batch process nor on the manual Renewal issuance
> > tried 2.2.23 or 2.2.42 and same thing "No new invoices to create!"