Some minor problems with 2.5.74

Robert Boyle ( )
Wed, 03 Jun 1998 22:42:00 -0400


This looks VERY nice so far. (Dale, I'm still waiting for the fixed version
of RadiusNT - post 116) I am thinking about deploying this release into
production next week. There are still some issues with E2.5/RNT2.5 which are:

1. In Radlogs, the NASIdentifier, NASPort, CallerID are always blank
because RadiusNT isn't inserting anything.

2. In Emerald, on the Rad Log screen, clicking on the header doesn't sort
the contents of that field: Date, Username, Description, etc...

3. In On-Line, it would be nice if Emerald also displayed the CallerID
field if available. I can add it to the trigger and view.

4. TSGraph always says that there are 0 calls so it doesn't graph much! :P
(Yes there are calls in the calls table!)

I'm still reading the docs trying to get a handle on exactly how 2.5 works
before I report things that I think are bugs that I simply don't understand
yet. The billing looks better, but far more confusing! ,) Overall, a MAJOR
update. It looks like it makes Emerald everything we want it to be. We'll
see how the billing works later this month.