Re: Tables Question

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 20 May 1998 10:15:34 -0700

Greg Keys wrote:
> I have looked and looked and looked - I went to the web site, but there is
> not a search feature..... so I scanned message headers of messages prior to
> when I subscribed to the list, but I just can not find where you outlined
> anything on a CallDetails table.... I..... just ..... can't..... take.....
> the...... stress...... any..... more......

On the Home page, in the upper left hand corner, there is the word "search".
Its a clickable link. Thats a "search feature" and includes the mailing
lists as noted on the page the link points to.

just enter the single phrase "calldetails" as one word (the table I noted
below) and you'll get 8 hits. The bottom one is for this URL in the

which is my post I was referring to that details how to setup the
CallDetails table.

> I will also post to the list the details on the method I am using to batch
> out of Emerald to PCA (A hint: PCA's Import feature is so flexible that I
> have gotten it to read EVERY CreditCard batch format that Emerald 2.1.1
> supports)

Since I don't have the software and the docs on the batch, I didn't dig
into it. Can it also include "strings" rather than just a filler?

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