380 error (2 weeks old)

Carl Jagerski ( carll@forcomm.net )
Thu, 16 Apr 1998 12:32:35 -0400

Hi Everyone,
I hate to start out on the wrong foot here, but...

I have installed Emerald and RadiusNT with the help of Kurt about 2 weeks ago.
The very next day, I could not add any new customers. Everytime I hit the
add button, it gives me this Emerald error:

380:Invalid property value

Also, when I login on the same machine the word (remote) appears next to the
login name in the upper right hand corner. And I can't go any further.

I called tech support immediately. After a while, Kurt called back and asked
me to send him the output of a database test. I did that and he told me
that nothing look wrong on the output.

That was it, no other help was given!

Attempts to contact Dale or Kurt by phone or email have failed. I also tried
to contact sales and they said they would have them contact me. But again,
I get no response. I have other problems I need resolved too. But I can't
even run the program to test it or learn it.
Once I put this software on line, I will need immediate response from
tech support (with in an hour or less). I can't be off line for two weeks
let alone one day or I will start losing customers. What can be done about
this. Does anyone on this list know of some special magic words to get tech
support to give me a call back? I already tried please. Were past that now.

H E L P !
I have not been able to do one thing with this piece of software at all!

Carl Jagerski
Network Administrator, Forward Communications
412-378-4490 Fax: 412-375-0156