Re: 'Duplicate' Master Billing Records

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Thu, 14 May 1998 14:02:47 -0400

Greg, In Emerald, uncheck "Search services also" and search for that MBR's
lastname or whatever. When it shows up, edit it and look in the services
to see if that's the one that has no services. If it is, just exit that
MBR and click on Delete from the search results.

Josh Hillman

> From: Greg Keys <>
> In the process of entering our accounts in a new Emerald installation, we
> have run into the following problem:
> 1. An account is entered into Emerald (MBR and Subaccounts)
> 2. Another person (or the same, being very tired and loosing track)
> the same MBR again and saves it.
> 3. When the second person attempts to enter a subaccount they are
> that the login name is in use already.
> 4. The second person backs out and goes on to another customer.
> 5. When I go and search for last name Jones (or whatever) I find one
> but when I run a script such as:
> SELECT * FROM MasterAccounts
> WHERE LastName='Jones'
> I get 2 records listed. (Also, and what brought all this to my
> the phantom second MBR shows up in the Expired Accounts Reports)
> Any suggestions how to get rid of my Phantom MBR's ??