Re: Credit Card Batching

Robert Boyle ( )
Wed, 13 May 1998 04:01:39 -0400

At 12:35 AM 5/13/98 -0700, you wrote:
>Robert H. Clugston wrote:
>> Dear Dale,
>> I don't have PC authorize as a type in Client config. The
closest thing I
>> have to it is PTCw/AVS. Do I need 2.2 for this?
>Neither do I. :( I was thinking of PC Charge. Who makes PC Authorize?
>If you send me the batch file formats, I'll see about adding it if
>one of the current formats are not suffice.

Tellan Software. It is a VERY nice package. They have an SDK that allows
you to add a COM object interface to their payment server hub within your
program (VB, C, ASP, etc...) It is VERY easy, slick, and reliable. The only
disadvantage is that their server program is not a service... yet. :) Check
it out: Their API will enable you to not need a batch
export, Emerald can simply talk to the object and get a response back
regarding the authorization. This would be great for web based sign ups!


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