Re: Mailsite's SQL Query for listservs

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 08 May 1998 15:10:09 -0700

Barry Kiesz wrote:
> We are currently using Mailsite for our e-mail server and have a question
> for those of you using Mailsite. Using the SQL edition ,I see there is a
> way to query the Emerald DB when using the Listserv function. If we were to
> query "Group1" from the Emerald DB, does this dynamically "grab" all of the
> entries in "group1" each time it sends a message to the list? Anyway, we
> are relatively new to SQL and would like some help with a script that would
> query all users in a specific group.

AFAIK, it runs the query for each message sent to the list. You
would just need to know the GroupID field and add an additional
criteria in the where clause of the query like:

and MasterAccounts.GroupID = x

where x is the GroupID. You can get the GroupID by lookin in the
groups table.

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