Concurency Revisited

Michael Whisenant ( )
Wed, 06 May 1998 17:24:24 -0500

I have a new wrinkle. I log all call failures to RADLogs and have just
started using concurency control. It logs the error as over the limit and
that x users were already logged on to the system with that IP address.
What would be really nice is that it logs the IP address, or the
NASIdentifier, or the NASPort so that one could confirm the situation.

Reason.... I have had three users that were being failed as over the
limit. I happened to be watching, and went to calls online, figured where
the user was reported to be online, telnetted into the box and guess what.
The port was empty. Now three confirmed mistakes in 18 hours is a bit too
much for my blood. Has anyone else had problems with the concurency
control and the accuracy of the information? Now the SQL database is
running fast, the average time to update an accounting packet is less than
200ms so how can calls table not be accurate? Does this also mean that the
records that I use to bill user inaccurate?
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