John Lange ( )
Tue, 28 Apr 1998 12:58:57 -0500

Thanks Josh

We had it narrowed down to one or two customers and the second querie gave
us the answer we needed.

Is there a way to put this in "CR6" and have it pop up and ask for the

And via vi input the port address and output the username?

JOhn :}

At 12:58 PM 4/28/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>> From: John Lange <>
>> 1. I need to report all users on a "particular" port during a specified
>> time period. Either DNS port name and or ip address.
>If you have SQL, use ISQL/w:
>Here's a script that I use on occasion. It's not exactly what you're
>looking for, but you might be able to use it/manipulate it a little to fit
>your needs...
>/* How many sessions were online at any given point in time */
>DECLARE @datetime char(20)
>SELECT @datetime = '4/25/98 10:17PM'
>SELECT Username,
> FramedAddress,
> "Start Of Call"=DateAdd(Second, 0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime,
> "End Of Call"=DateAdd(Second, 0-AcctDelayTime, CallDate),
> "Seconds Online"=AcctSessionTime
>FROM Calls
>WHERE DateAdd(Second, 0-AcctSessionTime-AcctDelayTime, CallDate) <=
>AND DateAdd(Second, 0-AcctDelayTime, CallDate) >= @datetime
>AND AcctStatusType = 2
>AND NASPort = 20109 /* change this to whatever you need it to be */
>AND NASIdentifier = /* this is your NAS IP address
> and is only needed if you have multiple NASes */
>ORDER BY CallDate
>> 2. Then I need a report that shows a "particular" user and the "time",
>> "port" and "ip" if possible, this user was online.
>SELECT "Date/Time at END of call"=CallDate, NASPort, FramedAddress,
>"Seconds Online"=AcctSessionTime
>FROM Calls
>WHERE UserName = 'whoever'
>ORDER BY CallDate
>> Is there a way to certify that this info is accurate?
>I have no idea about "certification" but I would definately not delete the
>data for a while...
>Josh Hillman
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